Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care

Prioritize Your Pet’s Dental Health to Help Them Live A Long, Happy Life

Your pet’s oral health is a vital component of their overall well-being. Providing your pet with routine professional dental care enhances their quality of life and longevity. At Somerville Animal Hospital, our comprehensive pet dental care services ensure your furry companions enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums to keep them living their best life possible.

Pet Dental Care Exams and Cleanings

Regular dental exams and cleanings are essential to maintaining your pet’s oral health. Brushing your pet’s teeth at home is important but won’t remove stubborn plaque or calculus, and it can be challenging for pet parents to recognize signs of dental disease.

We use advanced dental equipment to clean and inspect your pet’s teeth above and below the gumline. Our experienced veterinarians conduct thorough dental examinations to identify issues like plaque buildup, gingivitis, tooth fractures, or dental disease. Professional routine dental cleanings are essential to remove tartar and prevent the progression of dental problems that can lead to pain, discomfort, systemic infections, heart disease, and more.

Digital Dental X-Rays for Precise Diagnosis

We utilize advanced digital pet dental X-rays to provide the highest level of care. Our state-of-the-art digital dental X-ray unit allows for safe, fast, and accurate analysis of your pet’s dental health. With this type of imaging, we can detect issues beneath the gumline, such as abscesses or hidden dental disease, to ensure precise diagnosis and effective treatment.

Dental Extractions

Dental extractions may sometimes be required to address severe dental issues and alleviate pain. Our skilled veterinarians perform extractions with the utmost care to ensure your pet’s comfort throughout the procedure, and our experienced surgical technicians closely monitor your pet during surgery and recovery. You can rest assured that your pet’s safety and well-being are our top priority, and your furry family member is in compassionate and knowledgeable hands.

Comprehensive Pet Dentistry Services at Somerville Animal Hospital

By choosing Somerville Animal Hospital for your pet’s dental care, you are investing in their long-term health and happiness. Our exceptional pet dentistry team provides the highest quality care to keep your furry friend’s teeth and gums in optimal condition.

Contact us today to schedule a pet dental exam and cleaning. Whether it’s preventive maintenance or addressing existing dental problems, our goal is to help your pet enjoy a lifetime of excellent dental health.

Somerville Animal Hospital provides comprehensive pet dental care services to pets in Somerville, Oakland, Memphis, Bolivar, Whiteville, and the surrounding areas.