Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Compassionate and Individualized Care for Aging Pets

As our beloved companions age, their health and wellness needs evolve, and they require routine, specialized care to keep them youthful and active. At Somerville Animal Hospital, we understand the unique requirements of aging pets and offer comprehensive senior pet care services to ensure comfort and happiness throughout your pet’s golden years.

The Importance of Routine Senior Pet Care

Just like humans, pets experience age-related changes in their bodies. These changes can be subtle, and noticing them in your pet may be difficult. Regular senior pet exams and bloodwork are crucial for our experienced veterinarians to detect these changes early, allowing timely intervention to enable your pet to age comfortably and gracefully.

Optimize Your Senior Pet’s Care With Regular Exams and Bloodwork

Our dedicated team recommends regular senior pet exams to assess your furry companion’s overall health. During these comprehensive check-ups, we focus on detecting age-related conditions.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and experienced veterinarians provide your pet with the comprehensive health services they deserve.

Common age-related conditions we diagnose and treat in senior pets include:

  • Arthritis

  • Vision changes

  • Dental disease

  • Dementia / cognitive dysfunction

  • Kidney and liver disease

  • Heart disease

  • Skin tumors

  • Obesity

Bloodwork is a powerful tool that helps us delve deeper into your pet’s health. It can reveal hidden issues such as kidney disease, diabetes, and thyroid problems. By regularly monitoring their blood chemistry and organ function, we can create tailored treatment plans and dietary adjustments to address your companion’s needs.

Dietary Changes

Senior pets often require adjustments to their diet to meet their changing nutritional needs. Our knowledgeable veterinarians can prescribe specialized diets to help manage chronic conditions, as well as to ensure your pet’s longevity and well-being. Our veterinarians will work with you to create a diet plan to provide your pet with a seamless transition into their golden years.

Senior Pet Care in Somerville

At Somerville Animal Hospital, we are passionate about providing exceptional and comprehensive care for senior pets. We understand the importance of early detection and proactive management to support your pets as they advance to a new stage of life.

Give your beloved senior pet the gift of a happy and comfortable life. Contact us today to schedule a senior pet care appointment, and let our exceptional veterinary team do the rest.

Somerville Animal Hospital provides exceptional comprehensive senior pet care services to pets in Somerville, Oakland, Memphis, Bolivar, Whiteville, and the surrounding areas.